Jetwerk in Action

July 19, 2009

Jerry, Me and PatI love when I get that email telling me when a friend is coming to town! Two weeks ago I got the notification that my buddies Jerry McPhearson and Pat Buchanan were coming to town for business. They were coming out to play at the Hollywood Bowl with Faith Hill and Jetwerk gave me enough time to make sure I had the chance to see them.

Now what makes this story worth blogging about is that I wrote about Jerry and Pat in my first blog called The Jetwerk Experiment. I talked about how common it is to run into friends while you are traveling but would love to have a heads up as to when it would it happen. Nothing worse then leaving a city to find out you missed someone you wished you could have hung with. That’s why I believe Jetwerk is the best social network site for travelers and why we keep forging ahead to make it better. It’s all about making running into friends while traveling easier.

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