Signing In

June 22, 2009

Sign in on the right side of the page under “Already a Member?” from the home page then click SIGN ON.

Invite Friends, Business associates and Family

When you click on the Invite button, you will see a page allowing you to enter a number of names and email addresses for your friends and colleagues that you would like to invite. Once you have sent your invitations, take a break. You will need to wait for your buddies to respond and be part of your Jetwerk. If you’re in a hurry, pick up the phone and call them, tell them to check their email.

There are also two other sections under the Invite button:


This shows a list of contacts within the last 60 days that have accepted your invitation to join Jetwerk.


This page shows you people that you have invited but have not yet accepted your invitation. You can click on the Remind button if you need to give them a little extra encouragement. You can also remove them from your list as well.

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